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Mykonos On Film: Finding Peace in High Summer

Visiting this popular Greek island during the height of summer, I was not expecting to have the white stone streets and Aegean beaches all to myself. However, I also wasn’t expecting to see Little Venice on the verge of sinking beneath the swarm of tourists that surged from every street. Thank the Greek Gods for the Suzuki Jeep we rented, which allowed us to escape the crowds and explore the island’s hidden gems.

Hiking in the Pyrenees Mountains

A couple of weeks ago, my fellow English Erasmus students and I came to the sudden realisation that there were only six more weeks left of our first term abroad. A mild panic set in as we remembered all of the places we said we would go to but hadn’t yet managed to see. So, we made a bucket-list. Having spent the last three months marvelling at the majestic Pyrenees from afar, paying them a visit was at the top of the list. We made a pact that come rain or shine, we would make it up to those mountains.