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Mykonos On Film: Finding Peace in High Summer

Visiting this popular Greek island during the height of summer, I was not expecting to have the white stone streets and Aegean beaches all to myself. However, I also wasn’t expecting to see Little Venice on the verge of sinking beneath the swarm of tourists that surged from every street. Thank the Greek Gods for the Suzuki Jeep we rented, which allowed us to escape the crowds and explore the island’s hidden gems. Advertisements

Polaroid Diaries: Cinque Terre, Italy

I love the feeling of walking through a new place for the very first time. Your eyes dart this way and that, eagerly trying to take in every detail of this new and exciting part of the world. It’s hard to resist the urge to dig out my camera straight away, with my passport and luggage still in hand, but I try to take in my first impression of a place with my own eyes.