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Mykonos On Film: Finding Peace in High Summer

Visiting this popular Greek island during the height of summer, I was not expecting to have the white stone streets and Aegean beaches all to myself. However, I also wasn’t expecting to see Little Venice on the verge of sinking beneath the swarm of tourists that surged from every street. Thank the Greek Gods for the Suzuki Jeep we rented, which allowed us to escape the crowds and explore the island’s hidden gems.

The drive from the airport to the hotel took no time at all, what with the island being no more than 15km long, but it was enough time to take in the quintessential landscape of the Cyclades. White sugar cube houses scattered across sun-scorched hills, surrounded by a wash of azure Aegean blue. We spent most of our time cruising along dusty roads in the convertible, searching for hidden tavernas for lunch and tucked away beach bars for a sundowner. With the sun warming my skin and the cool sea breeze caressing my hair, the crowded streets of Mykonos Town felt a million miles away.




  1. Yiannis says

    Very nice photos and really very pleasant your article, and you have rented a car that complements your vip services in Mykonos !! Also visit Delos, it’s worth! Thank you for sharing it with us!


  2. Hi Monica! I can’t remember the exact film I used sorry, but I usually use a Kodak ultra max or Kodak gold. Hope that helps :)


  3. Amazing clean water !!! Do they have any problem with pollution ? It sure doesn’t seem like it. We must visit one day ! Thanks for the pictures and commentary. :)


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