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Fernworthy Reservoir, Dartmoor National Park

Being fortunate enough to study in the beautiful South West of England, I try to get out of the city as much as possible to explore the surrounding countryside. I love getting lost for a while in a place I’ve never been before, finding peace and quiet away from the campus chaos that descends during exam season.

Dartmoor is becoming my favourite place to clear my head after a day of essay writing in the library, and now that I’ve got a set of wheels with me I’m going to be escaping to this national park more often. After a particularly draining session at the library on Saturday, I dragged my housemate out of bed with the promise of an ‘adventure’/guilt-run after eating too many study snacks and set off down the A30 towards the hills on the horizon.

Within half an hour of leaving Exeter, the rows of student houses had disappeared and we were surrounded by the most breath taking countryside. It was nearing 7pm, an hour before sunset, and everything was bathed in a warm golden glow. I’d picked out Fernworthy Reservoir from my Wild Guide (a.k.a my Bible) on a whim; there were no photographs of it in the book and I wasn’t expecting much.

As we drove down a narrow lane, avoiding a rogue sheep or two whilst keeping an eye out for signs, we took a turning which revealed an unexpected sight. A huge expanse of tranquil waters, hidden by a border of hills and forest where birds sang their evening chorus, and the sky… well, I don’t think even my photos do it justice.



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