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Polaroid Diaries: Cinque Terre, Italy

I love the feeling of walking through a new place for the very first time. Your eyes dart this way and that, eagerly trying to take in every detail of this new and exciting part of the world. It’s hard to resist the urge to dig out my camera straight away, with my passport and luggage still in hand, but I try to take in my first impression of a place with my own eyes.

As we emerged from the train station at Monterosso al Mare, we were greeted by a view of orange parasols lined up at the water’s edge and the sound of an accordion floating down the street. The promenade was pretty enough, with pastel buildings on one side and the sparkling blue Mediterranean on the other. But having walked through a tunnel that ran through the hillside, the heart of the seaside town opened up before us. Under every stone archway and around every street corner, plants spilled over balconies and people’s laundry fluttered above the street below, where tourists tucked into plates of tagliatelle and licked mouth-watering gelato.

Here are some polaroids from my three days exploring the towns, but keep your eyes peeled for a travel guide coming soon!

Exploring Vernazza




An Italian feast at my favourite place to eat in Manarola


The streets of Vernazza

A day in Manarola


Pretty streets of Monterosso


Herbs and spices in Monterosso


Walking along the promenade in Monterosso

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