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Photo Diary: South West Road Trip, Devon & Cornwall

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I’ve spent the past two weeks driving and camping along the south west coast of England. It all started when I found an article about the best secret beaches in the UK earlier this year. From the many photographs of sandy coves, rocky islets and pebble beaches materialised the idea of driving along the South West Coastal Trail, down the foot of England, in my little Fiat 500. 

Next came an afternoon of searching for the best surf spots in Devon and Cornwall, with many hours spent scrolling through magicseaweed, streaming the live webcams and wishing I was out there already.

From this came a map that I made, tracing a not completely unrealistic route with pins scattered along the wobbly outline of the country’s foot.

And from here we packed up the car, topped up the tank with petrol and set off for two weeks of camping, surfing and outdoors living.

Our first stop was Barnstaple in Devon, for the second year of the music, adventure and outdoor living festival Somersault. We then made our way southwards into Bude, through Tintagel and Fowey, Saint Austell and Saint Agnes, all the way down to the Lizard peninsula- the most south westerly point in Britain.

A full diary of our road trip is yet to come, but here are some quick snaps from my iPhone to illustrate our journey.

1) Kynance Cove // 2) Getting lost in North Devon // 3 & 4) Clifftop coastal walks at Widemouth Bay // 5) Embracing the rain at Somersault Festival // 6) Exploring Crackington Haven // 7) Morning view from our tent // 8) Saint Austell clay pit lake // 9) Out shooting // 10) Kynance Cove // 11) Our favourite surfing beach at Porthtowan // 12, 13, 14 & 16) Rocks at Kynance Cove // 15) Our magical bed in the Jack Sparrow house // 17) Watching the surf // 18) A tidal pool at Porthtowan // 19) Crackington Haven // 20) A mezze lunch at our favourite beach café // 21) Kynance Cove // 22) Clifftop strolls // 23) Somewhere in the clouds // 24) Artisan chocolate in Tintagel // 25) The view from our favourite campsite // 26) Which way? // 27) Evening beach walks // 28 & 30) Bombay Bicycle Club at Somersault // 29) Mermaid pool in North Devon // 31) Holdstone Downs // 32) Enduring the festival mud // 33) Crystal Fighters at Somersault // 34) Angus and Julia Stone (my favourites!!) // 35) Getting lost in North Devon // 36) A teepee at sunset // 37) The Jack Sparrow house // 38) Kynance Cove // 39, 40 & 41) Walking around Godrevy Point // 42 & 43) Picnic on Pride Rock // 44) Godrevy Point // 45) View of Kynance Cove // 46) Virginia Woolf’s lighthouse // 47) Heather fields at Godrevy Point

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