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Polaroid Diaries: Lefkada, Greece

I love my polaroid camera. It’s easy to use, I can take it anywhere and for a point-and-shoot camera, the prints are of a pretty good quality. It accompanied me on my latest trip to the Greek island Lefakda, which I had never heard of before booking flights there a couple of months ago. It holds an untouched kind of beauty, as one of the lesser known islands in the Ionian Sea. I obsessed over the dreamy hues of blue that seemed to float all over the island, from the turquoise waters at Egremni Beach to the faint greyish-blue silhouettes of distant mountains across the sea…

I hope these holiday snaps bring you a few moments of tranquility, bliss and wanderlust, wherever you are in the world.










1) View of Egremni Beach from the top of the ‘Stairway to Heaven’ // 2), 3), 4) Our little beach on our doorstep // 5) Mainland Greece sitting across the water from Nikiana // 6) A track leading into the mountains, on our drive to the West side of the island // 7) A deserted stretch of sand at Egremni // 8), 9) Views from the mountain road // 10), 11) Paradise at Egremni Beach. 

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