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Three Days in Hvar, Croatia

With a clap of thunder and a downpour of rain, we set off for the next stop on our island-hopping journey: Hvar Town on Hvar Island. As soon as we set foot on the port, we were greeted by deep house sounds vibrating from Carpe Diem, a bar with its own beach across the bay where the well-dressed and wealthy flock to dance until sundown. Our plans to visit the renowned beach club were put on hold, after the heavens opened again and a tremendous storm was unleashed, sending deep echoes of thunder across the valley.

We spent the rest of our nights dipping in and out of cocktail bars on the square and chic boutiques that lined the dimly lit streets. We were immersed in the worldly chatter of a dozen different languages, walking to the hum and beat of music pulsating from the sophisticated bars. As the sky cleared up and the sun came out again, we rose from bed in the early afternoon, keeping to the rhythm of Hvar Hangover Time and relaxed on the rocks outside Hula-Hula Beach Club.

 Pssst… Make sure you stop by the Green House Hvar health shop for delicious smoothies and healthy snacks!

We then sauntered through the square and were lucky enough to catch the travelling National Geographic exhibition “Croatia From Above”, a series of aerial photographs that displayed the country’s wealth of natural beauty and rich cultural history.

All Rights Reserved © 2015 Lily Plume and musebyplume


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