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Photo Diary: Marrakech

Marrakech, North Africa’s vibrant jewel, is a city like no other. Its roads filled with speeding cars, mopeds and horse-drawn carts, and the hidden riads providing a cool oasis from the hustle and bustle of the square… Even a jam-packed four-day trip isn’t enough time to explore everything this magical city has to offer.

I’ve only just returned from my recent stay there, so I still need to go through my photos from my DSLR and get my films developed. But in the meantime, here are some quick iPhone snaps of my first (and definitely not my last) Moroccan adventure.

1) Succulents at El Miria // 2) Keyhole entrance to El Miria // 3) Me with one member of the hotel’s tortoise family // 4) Jardin Majorelle // 5) Hotel El Miria // 6) A delicious traditional Moroccan tagine // 7) Baskets of dried roses at the souks // 8) The courtyard at El Miria // 9) A Moroccan oasis // 10) Deep in the souks // 11) Two palms at Jardin Majorelle // 12) Intricate Moorish tile design // 13) Exploring the rooftop of Dar Cherifa // 14) Yves Saint Laurent’s bleu majorelle // 15) A Moroccan Garden of Eden // 16) More intricate details at the Berber Museum // 17) The leafy bridge across the lily pond at Jardin Majorelle // 18) Desert plants at Jardin Majorelle // 19) La Mamounia hiding behind a mini rainforest // 20) The breathtaking La Mamounia // 21) My favourite door in Marrakech // 22) Café littéraire Dar Cherifa at the heart of the souks // 23) Rooftop view from Dar Cherifa // 24) A waxy plant at French artist Jacques Majorelle’s garden

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